Bullying – What do you suggest?

Parents of every bullied child are willing to try everything they can to help their child.  My son and I recently wrote a book called, “That’s Cool!” (available on Amazon), that offers another option.  We have sales in the “social situations” and “bullying” book categories, predictably coming from concerned parents.  One of our goals is to reduce bullying by helping young adults raise their confidence and build self-esteem.  We believe that school-aged children will find the tricks in the book fun and give them a feeling of accomplishment.  Parental support is so important when a child is being bullied.  Joining your child in learning the tricks and skills in the book offers another opportunity to connect and develop an even closer relationship.




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    Victoria Silverman January 24, 2021

    Good to hear, Ted. Will take a look. Nice to hear of a child and parent writing duo, even if the partnership might have been forged through painful experiences.


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