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Puppies and teenagers

As I strode through the field, the sun setting fetchingly on the horizon, a gentle breeze in my hair and a crazy golden puppy gambolling around my welly-shod feet, occasionally taking a bite out of my heel, I thought, this is the life.  I turned around to share the moment

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He’s got puppy teeth and he’s not afraid to use them

 “Ooooh he’s just like a teddy bear! Sooo fluffy! I bet you just want to cuddle him all the time!” yelps my friend Natalie as she meets my fluffy, teddy bear-like golden retriever pup for the first time. Well no, actually, because I value the use of my arms and

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Am I getting a puppy or having another baby?

I’ve prepared the other household members for his arrival, I’ve picked a name, I’ve created a cosy place for him to sleep, I’ve created a routine for feeding, play and rest – when he’s bigger I’ll move everything above grabbing height, plug up the plugholes, put up a stairgate to

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