• Five rules for every Box set lover

Five rules for every Box set lover

Box set Dad watches transfixed

Box set Dad watches transfixed

OK, admit it. When your kids were young, you worried that they watched too much TV. But is it possible that us parents are now watching just a tad too much of our favourite Box sets? I confess that my other half and I are half way through The Good Wife. We don’t know what to watch next (all suggestions appreciated). But I have learned these rules to help me survive my love of everything from Breaking Bad to MadMen:

  • Respect your nooky – If you and your partner are watching past 11 pm, you are not in the boudoir and your love life could suffer. (Unless, of course, that’s the plan…)
  • Sleep matters – You need more than six hours sleep per night. “Just one more,” can be a convincing cry as the 19 seconds clock starts tempting you at 11.30 pm  to stay slothed on the sofa. Resistance is often futile
  • Banish the biccies – Snacks are tempting, but the scales will catch up with you. The crisps, biscuits, or crafty glass of wine in front of the Box set are part of the ritual – and my hovis loaf-shaped belly is living proof of the risk
  • Remember you have children – Your kids will eventually get fed up seeing you planted on the sofa watching your Box set in your pyjamas if it’s not family viewing. Too much and they’ll retreat into their rooms. At one point during Breaking Bad I had stopped cooking dinners and was sending them out for KFC in true meths ma stylie
  • Never be unfaithful – so, your partner is out and you really fancy an episode. Just one. You will fill in your partner and the chances are that they won’t notice. Don’t do it. It’s wrong!

What are your Box set rules? What should we watch next? Are you watching too much TV? I know that I am.






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