High streets, stop filling little girls’ lips

High streets, stop filling little girls’ lips

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No age limit on this practice

What would you do if your daughter (or son) walked in with different lips to the ones s/he left home with? Worse, what if not only looking like a cross between a Bratz doll and a duck, your child’s lips became infected?

Yep, you’d hit the ceiling. But this can easily happen. Worse still, some high street beauty saloons are offering lip filling to girls as young as twelve, and when they only use half a syringe of filler, the saloons are offering the other half for sale on social media. This means your child could be sharing a dirty needle with a stranger.

If your teenager does hint that s/he’s about to have lip fillers or – god forbid – botox, show this video. Or print out this article on the horrific damage young women are causing to their faces.

Because when it goes wrong, boy it goes wrong.  While it’s illegal to inject anyone under 16, it’s believed that only 4% of saloons ask for ID.

The Save Face group is campaigning for this to change and for all practitioners offering fillers and botox to be registered professionally. If your child is set on having fillers, at least you can help them to have it done safely. And you can help them track complaints in the UK.

While instagram is fuelling the need to conform in images, the message from any parent would surely be Stop filling little girls’ lips. Do you agree?





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