Is Body FX ‘Figure of 8’ any good?

If you have a Facebook newsfeed and abs pretending to be a deflated souffle you will have seen adverts for Figure of 8 from Body FX.

The marketing shows women (and one man) who’ve transformed from heavy to less heavy, shaking their booties, telling their stories and egging you on to buy the fitness regime.
The trouble is, the marketing is so good it’s hard to get an indepedent view.

So here it is. If you want a sensible view, and all the details, read this.

During lockdown, I have become something of a sucker for Facebook feed offers. The leather covering for sofa cracks that cost me best part of £40 for two pieces of material that wouldn’t cover a Borrower’s couch. The revolutionary bra that I had to rip off my soft tissue with the precision and speed of a mother removing an elastoplast from a toddler’s knee. And now, the kegel machine for nearly £100 that connected to an app that cost a further £49.99 and doesn’t appear to work.

So when I saw the Figure of 8 advertised repeatedly, I had to buy it.

The weighing scales were creeping northwards, and after some major surgery in September 2020, I couldn’t do exercise that involved bending, jumping or lifting.
This looked ideal.

First impression
You will feel as if you’ve fallen into a Lowry painting. The dancers are trim. Unlike most of the ordinary women you see in the adverts. However, there’s something strangely cohesive about the troop led by international ballroom star Jaana Kunitz.

How hard is it? 
Jaana is a great teacher. The dances – Samba, Salsa, Pasa Doble and Jive – are assembled move by move. You start easy and within minutes you’re doing some proper zumba/ballroom moves. “If I ever get famous,” I think, “I will accept a call to appear on Strictly Come Dancing ahead of I’m a Celeb …”

How enjoyable is it? 
Jaana and the troupe grow on you to such an extent that the music plays in your head like an earworm, your legs twitch and you volunarily start the video classes.
I think I might have become a Figure of 8 Zombie. (When Jaana pushes the button we will all rise and take over the globe, a mob of heavy-ish women shimmying up Capitol Hill).

What’s the Tech spec?
You need a teenager who can set your telly up to receive ‘casting’. It took mine about 2.3 minutes. However, you can also do it from your laptop.
They also do DVDs.

Will I lose weight? 
If you can keep to the clean diet offered with the exercise, yes. If like me, you have a family and a man, better to go with Slimming World – which knows you like a cheeky Nando’s and glass of Pinot Grigio from time to time. You will be impressed to hear that I have in fact lost two pounds.

Should I believe the hype?
Yes. BodyFX ‘Figure of 8’ is excellent and well worth the money. I might be a sucker for Facebook feed advertising, but I’m glad I bought this one. I think it’s more enjoyable than a Gregg’s vegan sausage roll and potentially more sustainable.

Do you agree? Have you tried Figure of 8?






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