• Letter to my 13 year old self

Letter to my 13 year old self

Recently I have been thinking what would I tell my 13 yr old self? Working on my current project Rocking Ur Teens, made be think about how things are different for teenagers versus 25 years ago when I was 13.

Looking back at 13, I really wanted to be cool. Like super hero cool. Like so cool everyone knew my name for all the right reasons and the girls wanted to date me and the boys wanted to be me. Unfortunately I was not that kid.

Is your kid's school part of Rocking Ur Teens?

Is your kid’s school part of Rocking Ur Teens?

I was one of those kids who didn’t really feel like that they belonged and marched to the beat of my own drum. Raised in a semi strict but loving rastafarian family I was an anomaly. My mother kept me super busy with activities and events which at the time was kinda different to most of my peers, who got to just hang out. I decided quite early that I wanted to work in the arts and at 13 I was working towards that dream.  I asked my parents for singing  lessons for my birthday and was given the opportunity to  learn about the human voice. I spent a lot of my time dedicated to understanding music from opera, to jazz, soul and pop so that I could be able to discuss all forms.  I was also dedicated to being the best all round entertainer so I spent a lot of time studying Micheal Jackson, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire,  in short I was a geek. I wasn’t much interested in team sports but loved to read. Considering all of this and even though I was so focused, looking back I can see that I was still totally influenced by my peers.

At 13 I had to pick my GCSE’s and instead. Of picking say Music, Sociology, Business Studies I selected a lot of science I started d to tell everyone that I wanted to be a pharmacist. I had no intention of being a PHARMACIST I just wanted everyone to think that I was a smart and I presumed that a pharmacist was a smart kinda job to aim for.

Even though deep down I wasn’t interested.

So what would I tell my 13 year old self?   Believe in what you want to do and go for it. Don’t worry about been cool it’s over rated and down to the individual. Above all else march to the beat of your own drum because uniqueness is the one thing we all have and can trade in our special given talent.

What would you tell your 13 year old self?

To find out more about Rocking Ur Teens visit www.rockingurteens.com and ask at your kid’s school if they want to take part.

By Geoffrey Williams Co-Founder Rocking Ur Teens





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