• Schools are cheating, and we have to do something

Schools are cheating, and we have to do something

Last week I highlighted what I’d been hearing from parents about schools forcing C-grade students to take their A-Levels privately so they don’t show up in their results, how children are being denied places at sixth forms or made to sit their GCSE year again.

Lots of parents got in touch after I published this in my local paper, including one who summed it up: “Schools brutally weed out “under performing” kids after GCSEs. Warnings are given and extra help is provided, but basically if your child fails to achieve the stellar grades demanded…Mostly As or better…out they go.”

I’d like to set up a meeting in London to discuss this and see what we can do to prevent it happening and to avoid new parents being conned into thinking schools are better than they are. If you’d like to join me, please comment below or add your name to the bar at the top. I’ll be in touch to arrange a get together. If anyone outside of London would like to do the same, let me know.






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