• You want to study where?

You want to study where?

Kids over 11 rarely listen to their parents. So when it comes to choosing where to study for a degree, you could be in for a shock when they make their decision without you. We asked some friends their first reactions when their kids told them where they were thinking of planting themselves for the next three years at their parents’ expense:

Keith Parker, booze cruise in Greece

Keith Parker, booze cruise in Greece

*** “Great, that cheerful seaside town you’ve chosen is also the drugs capital of Europe.” ***

*** “So you seriously want to go 400 miles from home? What you going to do when you forget your key and it’s raining ice?” ***

*** “Where did we go wrong? That’s an eight hour drive from here!”

*** “Are you sure they’ll let you in with those grades? ***

*** “That’s so near you’ll be able to get your washing done and eat a Sunday roast. Are you actually leaving home?” ***

*** “Brilliant, I checked and there’s no parking on campus. So the car we just bought and insured will have to stay on our drive.”

*** “Did you choose it for the quality of its nightclubs or the quality of its teaching?”

Where did you go to colleage? Did your parents approve at the time? Or did they make you choose somewhere sensible?


Useful stuff

If you’re in the States, here’s a really useful blog post about preparing to pay for it all.

If you’re helping your son or daughter choose where to go to university, check out The Guardian – for its online guide to all the unis in the UK.

In the UK, this is a great site for asking questions about colleges, such as “can my child park on campus?”


And for fun …

Should they even go to college at all? Read the blog.








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