About Us

aboutusWelcome to the web community for the parents of older kids, teenagers and young adults.

We’re a group of working, down-to-earth parents with teenagers who know that  if your child does something daft but normal – a cigarette or too many drinks – someone in your family will always be nodding sagely as if to say: “I knew that would happen”.

We have created this website forum for us to talk about this new phase of parenting.

The founder Vicki admits to having been a terrible teenager herself and has set up a company called The Missing Manual Limited to create forums for the days of our lives where no manual can get you through.

This website is dedicated to our joys and concerns, a chance to talk about them without judgement and in the fullest confidence that this information is between us.

We hope that you’ll find this site like a good friend with whom you can sit down and enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine. Let us know what you think of it, and please spread the word. Our designated charity is The Angelus Foundation. If you’d like to be on our advisory panel of parents, write a blog, review something or just say hello, be in touch at beteenus@outlook.com or call Vicki on +44 (0)7711331127

The raging hormones, the doomed relationships and the binge drinking – and that’s just some of us, the ones raising the teenagers.