On the threshold of teens – with ADHD

My son isn’t quite a teen yet. He’s on the threshold of it according to his age – at eleven I suppose some would say he’s a pre-teen. His strong will makes it feel like he’s older than that sometimes!

The last few years I’ve been working at a distance from the rest of the family coming which has put me at a disadvantage, at times, in knowing what the routines were, what was coming up on the calendar, and what rules had been established while I was away.

But I think one of the things I really missed was the day to day of being able to help him with homework, answering questions he might not have asked his mom, and mediating when they bucked heads.

In a way I was blessed recently when I small staff downsizing eliminated my position – it’s brought me back home full time and given me the chance to reconnect and learn about those day to day things I missed.

One of the things I had been missing out on was a process called an educational assessment. Our son has difficulty learning in some ways, and it wasn’t clear what the roots of those issues were.

We recently received back the summary of the findings from that process and the diagnosis was that he’s on the ADHD spectrum. Not severe, but perhaps in need of some extra help and accommodation.

While I know every experience, every child is different, I’m hoping to gain just a little insight that can help us understand and make things easier (or if not easier – at least a little better) for him.

I was wondering whether others here have experiences and or insight they might share around ADHD during the teen years?





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    dgh March 11, 2016

    Julia, thank you for the thoughtful comments – he is certainly an active child – but when engaged can sit and pay attention endlessly.


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