Results Day and Facebook – Be a bit kind

Hearing back from my friends whose kids got exam results, some have been a bit amazed (read angry) at how other parents have been asking them on Facebook how their kids did?

Not everyone wants to share that information, especially if the grades were unexpected.

Even the children in the fanciest schools who were shining stars in their academics might not have done well. Exams depend on so many things – whether you liked the subject, had good teaching, how nervous or unwell you were and whether something traumatic happened during the exam period. They don’t say anything about your real intelligence or abilities.

It’s just one thing to think about. Being proud of your kid is great. All power to you for sharing that on Facebook, but just bear in mind that asking about other people’s kids … that might not be what some parents want to answer.

After all, it’s their child’s business and theirs alone. Rant over!

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