Terms & Conditions

www.beteenus.com and www.beteenus.co.uk

Terms & Conditions

Guiding principles

These terms and conditions are based on our guiding principles:

  • Hurt no one
  • Be kind
  • Act with respect

The terms and conditions set out below apply to all who interact with the website, whether they enter under the domain name www.beteenus.com or www.beteenus.co.uk. Any user or subscriber who refuses to abide by them will be barred at the discretion of the director of The Missing Manual Ltd and for infringements of the law will be referred to the relevant authorities for prosecution.

Our contract with you

  • Privacy

Your privacy matters. We only keep your details to track how you use www.beteenus.com or www.beteenus.co.uk so we can improve the website’s navigation and usability, and to contact subscribers with the updates they have signed up to. We would never sell your details to any third party while the site is owned and managed by The Missing Manual Limited.

Our contract with you is that by agreeing to the terms and conditions set out here, we will endeavour to keep your details safe. In return we ask you to alert us to any unsolicited communication or inappropriate use of the site and agree to never inflict those things on fellow site users.

  • Ownership of content and information

Threads and chat that appear under your username are your intellectual property as are photographs, but by signing up to these terms and conditions, you agree to appropriately using any material within the setting of the website or to promote it, this includes using photographs in publicity materials. Should a third party approach us to include your materials we would then seek your express permission to do so and respect any instruction not to.

Anyone bullying or harassing another user will be barred as will anyone posting threatening, hateful, or pornographic images. This also covers:

  1. Anyone not respecting that teenagers and children will be able to see the site and posting material irresponsibly around that fact will be barred
  2. Anyone using an inappropriate user name will have their account disabled including any user using a registered trademark without permission or violating the intellectual property of others, including the use of fake IDs
  3. Anyone using the site for their own commercial gain (for example Pyramid sales schemes or fake job offers) will be barred
  4. You use the site at your own risk and any outcomes resulting from advice you have received on this site are your legal and personal responsibility
  • Amendments

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions if we provide you notice (by posting the change on www.beteenus.com and www.beteenus.co.uk and making any changes prominent so you don’t miss them)

  • Termination

If you violate the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions, or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for www.beteenus.com and www.beteenus.co.uk or for our founding company The Missing Manual Limited, we will stop providing all or part of the website to you. You’ll receive an email from The Missing Manual Ltd telling you of the decision. The Missing Manual Ltd holds the rights to all revenue resulting from this website.