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    Kim Styles March 07, 2015

    My daughter has a tiny room so it can get a bit messy but what annoys me today is – I cleaned it throughout yesterday !!!

      • Avatar
        Kim Styles April 03, 2015

        It is so great to see that it is not only my daughter that is so untidy .Npw she has gone to Wells for the weekend and left me with this -do I clean it out yet again??

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    Diane Goulding March 08, 2015

    My son decided he’d do his own wall art. I’m really embarrassed. He knew it’s not something i’d have happily gone along with so he’s used anything he could get his hands on, paint, felt tip, even hair gel and wax. Oh my days!

      • Avatar
        Diane Goulding March 14, 2015

        It’s weird, it didn’t seem that long ago since my mum was going mad at me for having a messy room and whatever she did, scream, threaten, wave her arms around, cry etc, didn’t make an ounce of difference – I saw it as my room, it didn’t bother me when I lived in my mess so I resented the fuss she made. Most of all, when I was messy it wasn’t out of disrespect for my parents so it confused me when they treated it like it was, it was as it was, just a mess probably because I was lazy about cleaning. I sensed that my son started to feel the same so now I remind him that if ever he wants or needs a hand cleaning up to let me know and occasionally he does ask. The wall ‘art’ makes me cringe, it’s awful and I get the impression that it didn’t turn out like he imagined it would. I just had to get it in perspective, overall he’s a good lad, he’d never make that mess in anyone elses space so we’ve left it for him to live with. I’m a firm believer in choosing my battles wisely and decided that a messy room isn’t worth wasting my energy on. He’ll grow out of it. (Fingers crossed).

        • Avatar
          Victoria Silverman March 14, 2015

          Hi Diane – that’s so wise. We have to choose our battles and never imagine when they were little and biddable that we’d end up letting so many things go. I don’t understand why they get so messy tho. Are they just growing so quickly that they’re knackered out, or is that toss?

          • Avatar
            Diane Goulding March 15, 2015

            A few years ago I got myself involved in a Q&A on Facebook with a company that had a guest writer who focused on teen behaviour and so I asked about mucky messy rooms. They basically said that the teenage mind is absolutely chaotic so their habitat (and behaviour) reflects their state of mind and they simply don’t see the mess in the same way as we do. It was more scientific than that and they explained really well why their minds are in chaos but overall it made me understand that it’s pretty normal and only temporary (although it feels like forever). The worst thing I ever found in my son’s room was a half eaten congealed Pot Noodle with a sock draped in it – I wish i’d have taken a photo of it – I could have had some fun with that when he was older. It’s difficult as a parent, too blase is no good, too domineering is no good, and i’m often taken by surprise that my gut reaction is no good either. We need a manual.

  3. Avatar
    Maranda Thomson March 08, 2015

    This is my 14 year old sons room….. abandon hope, all ye who enter….

  4. Avatar
    Andy Frost March 18, 2015

    The floor-robe of my 15 year old son – a mix of school books, clothes (clean or dirty – who knows!), dust (lots of) and of course, junk!!!

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    a May 30, 2015


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    Ruth Wollerton June 23, 2015

    Teenage Trash

  7. Avatar
    Ruth Wollerton June 23, 2015

    Teenage Trash


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