• Good to hear, Ted. Will take a look. Nice to hear of a child and parent writing duo, even if the partnership might have been forged through painful experiences.

  • If you have a Facebook newsfeed and abs pretending to be a deflated souffle you will have seen adverts for Figure of 8 from Body FX.

    The marketing shows women (and one man) who’ve transformed from heavy to less […]

  • What would you do if your daughter (or son) walked in with different lips to the ones s/he left home with? Worse, what if not only looking like a cross between a Bratz doll and a duck, your child’s lips became […]

  • It’s been around for about three years, but I first heard of it was when my friend Monica from school texted me the other day to see if I fancied doing BoogieBounce. I jumped at the chance (sorry, pun […]

  • Yesterday’s most tragic story in the UK is of two brothers who took their own lives aged 20 and 15. Our prayers and thoughts are with their family, who are pleading with others to watch out for their mental health […]

  • Spare a thought for the mothers of teenagers who are going through a rough time. Mother’s Day might be a trial for them. They might even be your friends who are unable to tell you what’s really going on in […]

  • She’s 49 and she’s back! Allison Pearson’s new book How Hard Can it Be? brings character Kate Reddy to life again, and this time she’s got testosterone. Remember the book and film, I Don’t Know How She Does […]

  • Most parents speak to their children about Stranger Danger at the age of 4. Following the recent Harvey Weinstein debacle, it’s time to talk to them about Power Danger.

    Power Danger is where one person does s […]

  • If you and your family have felt the strain last academic year of taking your kids to and from multiple activities, here are five ways to cut the number of things they do outside of school:

    Get curious – ask […]

  • Last week I highlighted what I’d been hearing from parents about schools forcing C-grade students to take their A-Levels privately so they don’t show up in their results, how children are being denied places at […]

  • Hi there – for some reason this didn’t show up on the site before now. Did you find a solution? I’m terrified about my son driving.

  • What’s best, having babies or teenagers? When are the best years to be a parent?

    If you have little kids, it seems like forever that you’ll again enjoy a lie-in, a quiet meal with nothing spilled or thrown, […]

  • Self harm is so worrying

    Self harm through cutting is a common and growing phenomenon. Having spoken to parents, a post-‘cutter’ teenage girl and others, I want to share what I’m hearing. Please share this a […]

  • Did you receive it or buy it?

    Anyone who’s unlucky enough to have had IBS, celiac (coeliac) disease or a persistent bloaty belly and has decided to no longer eat wheat, will have received this book ‘Enid […]

  • OK, admit it. When your kids were young, you worried that they watched too much TV. But is it possible that us parents are now watching just a tad too much of our favourite Box sets? I confess that my other […]

  • On a foggy January afternoon in 1952, American Airlines flight 6780 crashed into the Mandel family’s apartment building  in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It killed more than 30 people, including 22 on board the plane. […]

  • Remember when the prices of fancy phones came down, and we could actually do stuff on them – watch films, play games, buy boys’ pants whilst travelling on a train – without the constant circle of hell buffering us […]

  • Pokemon Go is the latest craze, allowing the player to find Pokemon creatures and capture them in his or her area using a mobile phone. A brilliant tangle of App wizardry and GPS,

    Pokemon Go is being t […]

  • TV pilot is looking for families who drive their big kids to lots of places.

  • If you’ve got kids doing exams – and who hasn’t, exams tend to start in the womb these days with a series of questions posed to the foetus on the nature of amniotic fluid and the benefit of muscle development […]

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