• Feeding teenagers | How to grow a tall man

Feeding teenagers | How to grow a tall man

Make it a Donut rather than a Do Not

Your diet might be great, but does your kid need more stodge?

Feeding teenage boys lots of calories can help you to grow a tall man – genetics permitting. Getting food right for boys can affect their height.

My youngest kid is 13 and has taken up football. Some parents have asked me: “How comes he’s so tall – are there giants in your family?”. With my other son at 6ft 4″ I can only say “No, neither my husband or I come from tall families, although my late father-in-law was 6ft.”

Allegedly, research shows that tall men make more money, get more women, have more authority and win on the health front in terms of heart vitality and dementia. See the report. Also, it helps if you’re in goal. So how do you grow a tall man?

Height-giving food
Eating lots of salad, steamed veg and not eating too much is good for us – especially me with my middle-aged muffin top and bus-wide hips- but for boys growing up they need calories. Lots and lots of calories. As long as they move a lot, they won’t get fat.

Regularly invite them to eat:

  • Fish and chips
  • KFC
  • Crisps and Biscuits
  • Steak and chips
  • Lots of fruit
  • Lots of  nuts – peanuts and cashews if they’re not allergic

At home, we’ve always balanced their calorie intact with drinking lots of water (from the tap, no less) and nightly fruit. When they were little we called it bed-time-fruit and we’ve kept it going.

Someone said about their teenager “It’s a tenner every time he opens the fridge”, and my favourite anecdote about the author Judith Kerr is that her son  used to cook sausages after a roast chicken dinner. Let them eat. Their diet and your diet are too separate things in my view.







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