Glug, slurp, “Hughie”. Binge drinking is out of hand

Glug, slurp, “Hughie”. Binge drinking is out of hand

This is Penny Doff (or P.Doff’s) regular place for a rant about being the parent of a teenager and a middle-aged person. Got something you want Penny to rant about? Tell her what makes you furious, below.

shareyourconcerns Someone please tell me they have a teenager who doesn’t drink.

I like a drink .You might, too. Going into Camden Town on the tube in London at the weekend, I couldn’t believe that normal young people were drinking cider out of cans through straws – at 2pm. Discarded beer cans lined the train carriage, and everywhere I looked I saw teens in pre and post lash ecstasy.

Like these mums and dads in the BBC programme Snow, Sex & Suspicious Parents I couldn’t believe how much alcohol was going down. What’s happening? It can’t just be the advertising or the cheapness and availability of booze. Why are young people drinking almost double what most of us drank; and some of us left our livers for dead most weekends. We knew unemployment and divorce and terrorism. We had no money, and for most of us foreign holidays were as rare as meals without gristle.

Some of us had the added troubles of prejudice and parents who thought an education was something only people with double-barreled names should bother with. Good and evil existed in equal but different measure when we were young. So what is fueling the drinking among our kids? Will their livers and brains survive?






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