• More twaddle talked about anorexia

More twaddle talked about anorexia

I was so narked to pick up the Sunday Times this morning, to see a well respected broadcaster being quoted as saying that anorexia in young people is about narcissism or self love. What a load of twaddle. So many people would love for that to be the case as their child shrinks before their eyes and they are helpless.

Make it a Donut rather than a Do Not

Some very stodgy thinking about anorexia

Anorexia is a mental illness in all its complexity. It must have a multitude of triggers and underlying causes in the same way that any mental ill health or compulsion does. Otherwise a good ‘pull your socks up luv’ talking to would be all that’s required.

Now kids with anorexia will have the extra stigma of being labelled as vain, when in fact they’re ill. The article acts as if anorexia didn’t exists in the carefree 20th century, and that’s simply not true. The late Lena Zavaroni and Karen Carpenter both being its victims. Honestly, I’d have hoped for a little more savvy from an intelligent newspaper.





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